Norris, TN – July 1, 2020 – CPS Sektor Resins are the fastest resin bond diamond tooling series with a moving speed up to 60 feet per minute. It is contractors’ “go-to” resin tooling with it is many features including, labor saving speed, high gloss & clarity, long life and works on all concrete hardness types.

CPS Sektor Resins were built for speed with up to 6,000 square feet of polishing per hour! This allows contractors to better compete due to savings on material and labor costs. The series is also specially formulated to achieve high gloss mechanically, with long lasting shine and clarity. It works great on all concrete hardness types with long lasting life, making it the contractors’ “go-to” resin series.

“I’ve worked for different equipment and diamond tooling manufacturers over the past 14 years and I’ve never seen contractors running resins as fast as the Sektors while still achieving high gloss and clarity.”, says Dustin Thomas, Marketing and Insides Sales Manager for CPS.

Marketing Contact
Dustin Thomas -Marketing & Insides Sales Manager
(865) 254-6611