Norris, TN – June 26, 2023 – CPS SYNC Series is a collection of metal bond diamond tooling that covers all concrete hardness types. The SYNC series was engineered and formulated for high efficiency with long life while maintaining consistency.

CPS SYNC series has four bonds covering all the various concrete hardness types. The series is extremely easy for contractors to understand and incorporate into their day-to-day operation due to the simplified naming convention – SC for soft concrete, MC for medium concrete, HC for hard concrete, and XC for Xtremeley Hard Concrete. Because the diamond tooling series is economically priced and has long lasting life, it results in material cost savings. The series comes in trapezoid shaped metals with single and double segment bar style tools as well as well 3” round metals with four and ten segments style tools.

“The SYNC series is very simple to understand, making it very easy to implement within a company’s process. This, in addition to extremely long life, high efficiency and various segment types, make the SYNC series a no brainer for contractors to try on their next project.”, says Dustin Thomas, Director of Sales and Marketing for CPS.

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