Service - Training & Support

At CPS, we pride ourselves in supporting what we sell. Because we manufacture each piece of equipment right here in our Norris, TN facility, we are capable of doing this with all of our CPS equipment. If you have a question or a problem, not only can you talk to someone who has a complete understanding of the equipment, but you can also stop by and meet with some of the people responsible for building your equipment. 

This ensures that we can keep your CPS equipment running effectively and efficiently for many years to come. 

We also provide one-on-one training for your in-house service techs, so our knowledge of CPS equipment can go home with your team to better facilitate your companies real-time needs for the future.

Come experience the difference American-Made, CPS Equipment makes in your service needs and ongoing equipment performance, and you will see why CPS is one of the fastest growing manufactures in the industry.