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Here at CPS we pride ourselves on not just making and selling the highest quality equipment and products but following up our sales with the best quality product and field support in the market.  Having a team of highly experienced polished concrete craftsman as our sales and support team is our key to providing this kind of support.

We understand what it is like to be on a project where timing is critical and uncertainty is time and money lost so we are ready and willing to jump in a car or on a plane to support our loyal customers wherever and whenever we are needed. 

Many times due to the depth of experience in our ranks we are able to review information sent in by our flooring contractors via phone calls, emails or picture text and give immediate on the spot solutions that save our customers thousands of dollars.  We have many times restored customer relationships for our contractors with their best clients due to the knowledge and experience we have brought to the table in projects that have reached difficult challenges that threaten the success of our customer.

Through the years of time saving and money saving techniques we have developed and our willingness to show up anywhere and prove them out with our valued customers we have made a reputation for CPS in the industry of Quality and Value.

We believe our mission statement says it all: 

CPS Mission Statement

To build and maintain lifelong relationships with our clients through our commitment and dedication to provide superior support 24/7 through our knowledge of the craft of polished concrete, the quality of products we provide and cost saving solutions learned from years of experience.

We are working every day to live up to it. Let us Prove it to YOU!

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