Average tooling speed on AQUA Hybrids is 4,800 – 5,600 Sq.ft. per hour

Aqua hybrids are designed for grinding wet and the perfect solution for new concrete, followed by CPS Sektors.

Aqua 50 Grit

GPDI6043 | $25

The first tool in our wet cutting system.

Aqua 120 Grit

GPDI6058 | $25

The second tool in our wet cutting system and can jump to our Sektor tools after this step.

Aqua 400 Grit

GPDI6045 | $25

The final step in our 3 step wet system leaves the floor with a consistent satin sheen. Burnish and use our CPS ARMOR Surface Shield to enhance the shine and give years of stain protection.

Average tooling speed on MACH Hybrids is 3,000 Sq.ft. per hour

Mach series with an estimated tooling life of 8,000 square feet when cutting at recommended speeds. Made with specially formulated hybrid-resins to cut like a metal without the glazing and heavy scratches.

MACH 0 Teal Grit 20

GPDI0446 | $42

The MACH 0 is an aggressive tool for hard concrete, beginning grinding steps, or after initial removals.

MACH 1 Purple Grit 40

GPDI0447 | $42

The MACH 1 is an aggressive tool for medium to hard concrete.

MACH 2 Coral Grit 80

GPDI0448 | $42

MACH 2 is for medium to hard concrete for use on new concrete or to follow MACH 1.

MACH 3 Salmon Grit 100/120

GPDI0449 | $42

MACH 3 follows MACH 2 and is used on medium to hard concrete.

MACH 3P Yellow Grit 100/120

GPDI0450 | $42

A transitional tool to be used after MACH 2 to prepare the surface for Sektors tools.