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Are You Taking Advantage of your End of Year Deductions?

CPS offers multiple packages and promotions to make your end of 2018 sweeter & help you work smarter in 2019. 

 By Meredith Cordle

December 10, 2018

     Norris, TN – Concrete Polishing Solutions, a leading manufacturer of equipment and diamond tooling for surface preparation and concrete polishing, is proud to offer our customers multiple options for taking advantage of Section 179 end-of-year deductions. Combined with our new promotions and several flexible financing options, December of 2018 is the time to make your purchases to help you work smarter in 2019.

 With more than a decade and a half in equipment and tooling manufacturing, Concrete Polishing Solutions is the go-to for contractors looking for 24/7 support and dedication to improving and growing the concrete industry. The knowledge and expertise of CPS is now at your fingertips, with multiple promotions and options to help you gear up with the American-made equipment you need to save time and earn more in 2019.

CPS is offering your choice of free vacations when you purchase qualifying equipment packages through December 31st, with romantic two-person getaways to Jamaica and family-friendly vacations to Disney. Take the vacation for yourself, or give it as a gift! Don’t need a vacation? Take up to $3k off of qualifying packages through December 31st.

Did you know we also offer in-house financing? Our finance partner is ready with quick approvals, low interest rates, and flexible financing options for all of your 2019 equipment needs. As of this year, Section 179 deductions for 2018 are set at $1 million for qualifying purchases, including machines financed by the end of 2018. Don’t miss your chance to save on the most reliable and durable equipment on the market. Work smarter in 2019. You can do this. We can help. Call us at 877.472.8200 for more info or to get your quote.

About Concrete Polishing Solutions

Founded in 2004, Concrete Polishing Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment, tooling, and chemicals for surface preparation, concrete grinding, and polishing. CPS is dedicated to building lifelong relationships with our contractors, through our commitment and dedication to 24/7 support, and providing the best products for the industry to help you save time & earn more on every job.

CPS Announces Newest Addition to XACT System

CPS Aqua Hybrid Resins represent years of R& D to find the perfect match for quality & speed.

 By Meredith Cordle

May 16, 2018

Norris, TN – Concrete Polishing Solutions is proud to bring to market the newest innovation in our CPS XACT Floor Line, the CPS Aqua Hybrid Resins.  Currently offered in 50, 120, and 400-grits, these hybrid tools are perfect for wet grinding and as a part of our fast & efficient wet to dry polishing system.

 The process includes grinding wet with the 50, 120, and 400-grits in succession. These tools are meant to be run at a walking speed of about 30-40 feet per minute. In timed trials, the wet tools took an average of 15 minutes per step on 1000 square feet of surface. The entire process, including dry steps, using Sektors 2  & 4 dry, and densifying, on 1000-square feet is approximately one and a half hours, meaning this system is perfect for delivering exceptional clarity  & shine, while keeping your jobs moving quickly forward.

 CEO David Padgett said the new wet system was born of a necessity to dial in a superior wet grinding and polishing process, one which is only becoming more popular as new OSHA silica rules are put into place.  “The development of our all new CPS Aqua Resins was so important in this new era of silica rules. We’ve truly found a system here that is dialed in, simple in its execution, which delivers a fantastic result for the customer all at a lower price point than competitor tools.”

 Results from CPS contractors who have tested the tools have been phenomenal, with many placing orders for additional tools after seeing the difference. Schedule a demo with one of our knowledgeable sales reps today. We’ll prove it, on your site.

To experience our easier & more effective Wet System, part of the CPS XACT System, please give us a call at 877.472.8200 or visit our website at go2cps.com. CPS Aqua Hybrid Resins are available from distributors across the US. Find your nearest distributor.

 Join APE Companies for IPCI Certification Training

Two-day course will take place September 13 &14 in Bristol, PA

 By Meredith Cordle

August 11, 2017

Does your contracting business offer polished concrete? Would you like to add more value to your contracting business with the addition of polished concrete services? If so, look no further than the International Polished Concrete Institute’s September training in Bristol, PA with APE Companies.

On September 13& 14, join IPCI as it hosts its two-day Craftsman Certification Seminar, sponsored by Concrete Polishing Solutions and APE Companies at 2100 Frost Rd. in Bristol, PA. IPCI Craftsman Certification is a technique-driven course designed to give an overview of the polished concrete industry, as well as hands- on training.

The training offers not only an understanding of the grinding and polishing process, but also offers hands-on experience with the application method, as well as guidance on troubleshooting challenges, marketing your polished concrete business, and much  more.

The course is conducted by industry leaders whose knowledge of the trade, combined with a rigorous curriculum, and hands-on training, is perfect for the beginner, as well as experienced construction professionals.

Why Get Certified?

IPCI offers access to quality training from industry leaders, as well as access to business support, from sample bid sheets and checklists, to marketing and selling plans. From training to support, IPCI can help you succeed.

Add even more value to your construction offerings with a certification from the International Polished Concrete Institute.  To register for training, call 866.421.9550 or click here.

About APE Companies:

APE Companies is a service-oriented distributor of surface preparation, safety and environmental management products. We supply our products to industrial contractors who provide critical services that maintain and repair facilities and equipment, safely and quickly. APE proudly serves the Gulf Coast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast markets. Our family of companies includes Abrasive Products & Equipment, Corrosion Specialties, BKW Environmental and Sharpjet.


About International Polished Concrete Institute

IPCI is an organization dedicated to providing architects, general contractors, engineers, and flooring contractors the tools they need to utilize and understand the benefits of polished concrete. For more information, visit http://www.ipcionline.org.



New South Construction Supply to Host Free Polished Concrete Training

Event will be held on August 18, 2017 in Greensboro, NC

 By Meredith Cordle

August 11, 2017

New South Construction Supply is hosting a free CPS Polished Concrete Training at its Greensboro, NC store, located at 7207 Cessna Dr. Greensboro, NC, for coatings installers, surface prep contractors, and concrete polishers in the region.

This full-day, hands-on session will cover tips and tricks of the trade ideal for those looking to just get into the polished concrete industry, as well as those looking to improve their performance and profitability on the job.   The agenda topics will cover:

  • Evaluating the Floor
  • Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
  • Grinding through Polishing - Hands On
  • Polishing and Blending Edges
  • Successful Application of Concrete Chemicals & Sealers
  • Tips & Tricks from the Experts

The session will begin at 9am and end at 3pm. Lunch will be provided.  Seating is limited so registration is required.  For more information or to register, contact the store at 336.992.0237 or click here.
New South Logo

About New South Construction Supply:

With locations throughout North and South Carolina and Georgia, New South Construction Supply was founded in 1981 to serve contractors in the construction industry. From its first store in Columbia, SC, New South Construction Supply has grown into 9 stores, with expansions into the Atlanta market. Famous for its brand promise, its slogan, “Know how. Can do.” represents their commitment to serving their customers.


Architectural Products to Host Free Polished Concrete Training

Event will be held on Septmeber 6 in Kansas City, MO

 By Meredith Cordle

August 11, 2017

Kansas City, Mo: Architectural Products is hosting a free CPS Polished Concrete Training on September 6,2017, at a facility in Kansas City, Mo. Located at 2405 E. 85th Street in Kansas City, for coatings installers, surface prep contractors, and concrete polishers in the region.

This full-day, hands-on session will cover tips and tricks of the trade ideal for those looking to just get into the polished concrete industry, as well as those looking to improve their performance and profitability on the job.   The agenda topics will cover:

  • Evaluating the Floor
  • Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
  • Grinding through Polishing - Hands On
  • Polishing and Blending Edges
  • Successful Application of Concrete Chemicals & Sealers
  • Tips & Tricks from the Experts

The session will begin at 9am and end at 3pm. Lunch will be provided.  Seating is limited so registration is required.  For more information or to register, contact Bryon Hendricks at 515.440.0279 or click here.


About Architectural Products:

Located in West Des Moines, IA, Architectural Products has over 40 years of combined experience in the masonry and hardscape industries.  Most recently, Architectural Products has expanded our offerings to our clients by becoming an Alliance Partner of Concrete Polishing Solutions’ equipment, tooling, and chemicals.

 CPS Continues Innovation on American-Built Surface Prep Equipment

By Meredith Cordle
March 23, 2017

Concrete Polishing Solutions, a TN-based manufacturer of equipment and supplies for surface preparation, concrete grinding, and polishing, is proud to announce efficiency enhancements and a new, sleeker look to their fine-tuned Pro Series propane-fueled grinders.  The first to roll out the new design is CPS’ flagship machine, the popular G-320D Pro.

 The CPS G-320 celebrates its 13th birthday in 2017, with hundreds of machines on the job across the North American continent. In addition to improved grinding efficiency and productivity improvements to the functionality of the machine, the G-320D now sports a new water tank.  The design gives the rugged equipment a sleeker look as well increases the water-capacity for wet-grinding.  Increased capacity means operators have more time on the slab and less downtime for refills.

 CPS was on the forefront of introducing propane concrete grinders to the surface preparation and concrete polishing market, enabling contractors to save time and earn more by going cordless. CPS’ innovations have continued in the intervening years, from tooling that polishes 60 feet a minute to the new ride-on grinder, the CPS Rover, released at World of Concrete in January. Known for functional design, CEO David Padgett describes the Rover as “…the highlight of over a decade of R&D and field testing at CPS.” 

 A reputation of simplicity and efficiency isn’t easy to come by in an industry where bells and whistles are a focus.  But their minimalist philosophy in the design helps CPS to focus on the most effective enhancements; not on overdesigned or cheap components that add cost without adding value to the productivity of the machinery.  “We have focused the design of each grinder or vacuum, small or large, with the real-world jobsite environment  in mind,” Padgett says.

 These guiding design intents combined with CPS’s dedication to train and support of each of their distributors and customers earn them as an ever growing contender in the expanding surface prep and polishing equipment market.  

 CPS is honored to represent an American small business that “….makes customers for life…” by consistently continuing its quest to perfect equipment, tooling, chemicals, and maintenance products for surface preparation, concrete grinding, and polishing and manufacturing their machines right here in the Tennessee Valley. For more information on CPS, its newest innovations, or its distributors, visit http://www.go2cps.com.



CPS Introduces Aggressive Coatings Removal Tool for Surface Prep Industry

Bush Hammer Removes Heavy Coatings With Ease

By Meredith Cordle
February 15, 2017 

Known for its innovations in equipment and tooling for concrete grinding, polishing, and surface preparation, Concrete Polishing Solutions now offers Bush Hammers, the perfect tool for removing heavy, thick coatings.

The CPS Bush Hammer features three tungsten carbide rollers with conical points mounted on a plate to run under concrete floor grinders,  ideal for breaking down difficult coatings while leaving a textured surface ideal for bonding future epoxy coatings or overlays.  It also can be used to increase slip-resistance on both indoor and outdoor applications.

CPS offers the Bush Hammer on both an 11” plate and 9” inch plate, for maximum versatility. The Hammer’s rollers are available in both small and large sizes, ideal for any size job. Replacement rollers can be ordered for the bush hammer as well and the tools are perfect for running under CPS Grinders like the G-320D, the G-290, and the G-250XT.  The Bush Hammer is part of CPS’ line of surface preparation tools, including aggressive PCDs ideal for removing glues and mastics without causing damage to the floor in the process.

Bush Hammer assemblies and replacement parts are available through CPS or its distributors .

About CPS:

With more than a decade of research and development in the surface prep, decorative concrete, abatement, and polished concrete industry, CPS is committed to sharing its vast knowledge of the craft with others to help them save time and earn more from start to finish.  By developing and manufacturing the best equipment, tooling, chemicals, and maintenance supplies on the market, CPS ensures contractors and partners have the tools they need to be successful, and supports them every step of the way.  For more information on Concrete Polishing Solutions, our distributors, and training, visit http://www.go2cps.com



Meet the XACT Floor:  A Comprehensive Polished Concrete Floor System that Helps Contractors to Know Their Exact Costs and their Exact Results.
By Meredith Cordle
January 16, 2017 

Concrete Polishing Solutions is once again delivering on its mission to share our knowledge of the polished concrete industry with the debut of its XACT Polished Concrete Floor System at the 2017 World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas, January 17-20 at the CPS South Hall Booth (#S12148).

The XACT Polished Concrete Floor System is the first system designed to help contractors control and calculate their material and labor costs, ensuring profitable bids and exact results every time.

How does XACT help contractors earn more?

  • A Detailed Specification:  The XACT System specifies advanced tooling and concrete chemicals that are the fastest on the market, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness while providing the high quality results customers are after.

  • Download the XACT Polished Concrete Bid Calculator: The XACT Polished Concrete Bid Calculator gives contractors an accurate way to assess the exact tooling and labor costs necessary, helping control costs, so contractors can bid profitably and successfully on every job, every time.  To pre-register to download the app when it is ready, visit http://www.go2cps.com.

  • The XACT Warranty:  The XACT Polished Concrete Floor System is backed by a warranty to guarantee that a surface will remain hardened, dust-proof, and water repellant so owners and architects alike can trust they will.

The XACT Polished Concrete Floor System, including the Bid Calculator will debut at World of Concrete.

Stop by the CPS Booth in the South Hall (#S12148) to see the calculator in action and attend one of three mini-educational sessions at the booth about bidding profitably and controlling costs from CPS CEO David Padgett.

About Concrete Polishing Solutions:

With more than a decade of research and development in the surface prep, decorative concrete, abatement, and polished concrete industry, CPS is committed to sharing its vast knowledge of the craft with others to help them save time and earn more from start to finish.  By developing and manufacturing the best equipment, tooling, chemicals, and maintenance supplies on the market, CPS ensures contractors and partners have the tools they need to be successful, and supports them every step of the way.  For more information on Concrete Polishing Solutions, our distributors, and training, visit http://www.go2cps.com.



Enjoy The Ride With CPS’ New Game-Changing Ride-On Grinder
By Meredith Cordle
January 11, 2017 

Why walk when you can ride?

Concrete Polishing Solutions, known industry-wide for its development of equipment, tooling, and chemicals for surface preparation, grinding, and polishing, is proud to introduce a new innovation at the 2017 World of Concrete—The CPS Rover.  The CPS Rover is a ride-on, propane powered concrete grinder with major power and incredible ease of use. Visitors to CPS’ outdoor booth at World of Concrete (Silver Lot #O40725) will be first to witness the debut of the newest in its line of equipment for grinding and polishing.

Years of experience in the industry led David Padgett, CPS’ CEO, to look for an equipment-based solution to employee exhaustion and labor costs that wouldn’t sacrifice the quality of the end product, but would allow grinders and polishers to ride in comfort while still engaged with the work at hand.

“While Remote-Controlled grinders available on the market improve worker exhaustion, the disconnect between operator and grinder can lead to poor end results for the customer, as well as an increased chance of machine damage, because the operator can’t ‘feel’ the performance of the grinder,” explains Padgett.  “The CPS Rover changes everything.”

The American-Made CPS Rover is a zero-turn, propane-fueled grinder with a 32” path, perfect for many applications.  From the operator’s seat, there is clear visibility of all points on the machine. The precise hand-control and cordless operation makes The CPS Rover the ideal machine for jobs big or small. An onboard electric head lift makes for easy tooling changes and transport, while onboard electric generation allows for adjustable lighting.  An on-board water sprayer allows for easy wet grinding.

The CPS Rover weighs in at 1115 pounds with 760 pounds of grinding pressure and a variable engine speed of up to 3,600 rotations per minute. Combined with CPS’ range of diamond tooling, The CPS Rover delivers on power and quality while minimizing operator exhaustion, allowing contractors to save time and earn more.

The CPS Rover makes its debut at the 2017 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, January 17th through 20th. Visit CPS’ outside booth (#O40725) and enter a raffle to win Sektor polishing tools, the fastest resin tooling on the market. Take part in demonstrations and get your questions answered by experts in the field. Visit CPS’ inside booth at World of Concrete and be one of the first to explore the XAct Floor System,  a complete flooring system geared toward helping contractors determine their exact costs.

CPS is offering discounted exhibits-only admissions to World of Concrete. Use Source Code: BUY when you register to take advantage of the discount.


 The CPS Propane Ride-On Concrete Grinder


CPS Introduces Shine-On System to Bring Life to Dull Concrete, Terrazzo, Marble, and Travertine Floors
By Meredith Cordle
January 9, 2017 

Concrete Polishing Solutions is proud to present a system engineered to give worn-out, neglected polished concrete floors new life. The Shine-On Floor Rejuvenation System by CPS, is a step by step, versatile tooling system that adapts to most autoscrubbers to bring back beautiful shine on concrete, terrazzo, marble, and travertine flooring.

Shine-On Floor Rejuvenation PadsThe Shine-On System takes only five steps to bring the gleam back to neglected flooring. First, a coarse pad is applied to the floor, removing light scratches and stripping the floor. Second, a medium pad is applied, which smooths the floor and begins closing it for gloss preparation. On the third step, a fine pad is applied to the floor, which polishes the surface adding a medium gloss. An application of CPS’ Surface Shield protects the floor and creates a new barrier. The final step brings flooring to a high gloss through the use of CPS’ 8000-grit diamond-impregnated Bling Pad, a new addition to the SpinFlex lineup.

Shine-On is one of several new innovations being released by Concrete Polishing Solutions at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, January 17 – 20.   To learn more, visit CPS at inside booth S12148 or get hands-on experience at outdoor booth O40725.

The Shine-On System is available from Concrete Polishing Solutions’ distributors now. 


CPS Debuts New, Highly Versatile Tool at WOC 2017: The Bling Pad
By Meredith Cordle
January 4, 2017 

Concrete Polishing Solutions is proud to announce a new addition to its tooling lineup.  Debuting at World of Concrete, The Bling Pad is an 8,000-grit diamond-impregnated hogs hair pad that brings incomparable gloss to multiple flooring types, including concrete, terrazzo, travertine and marble.

The CPS Bling Pad - Great for Burnishing and Polishing ConcreteThe versatile 27” Bling Pad fits is ideal for maintenance, floor rejuvenation, or as the final burnishing step in concrete floor polishing, leaving floors with a high-gloss shine in any application. Whether running wet or dry, Bling Pad won’t strip sealers, keeping floors protected while adding a lustrous gloss.

Whether part of floor rejuvenation, the final polishing step, or as a maintenance product, Bling Pad is essential to those looking for excellent results. As part of CPS’ newest Shine-On Floor Rejuvenation System, the Bling Pad plays an integral role in rejuvenating worn-out and neglected floors. As a part of a concrete polishing process, such as the XACT Polished Concrete Floor System, the Bling Pad is essential for burnishing thin mil coatings to deepen the gloss on a newly polished floor.

The Bling Pad is one of several new innovations being released by Concrete Polishing Solutions at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, January 17 – 20.   To learn more, visit CPS at inside booth S12148 or get hands-on experience at outdoor booth O40725.

The Bling Pad is available now at Concrete Polishing Solutions’ distributors across the US. To learn more about CPS products, or to find a distributor near you, visit www.go2cps.com.


CPS Hires New Mid-Atlantic Territory Representative
By Meredith Cordle
November 29, 2016 

Concrete Polishing Solutions is proud to welcome Brian Williams to its sales team. Williams has joined CPS to help grow and expand the polished concrete manufacturer’s reach in the mid-Atlantic region.

Williams brings years of experience in project management and business development in the flooring industry, with an emphasis on marketing and sales. His most recent position was with a stone, tile, and terrazzo flooring contractor with satellite offices around the southeast. Williams helped develop the estimating and bidding pipeline process for the specialty division of the company. He is a 1999 graduate of Bob Jones University and is based in Charlotte, NC.

Williams joins CPS as the Mid-Atlantic Sales Representative, charged with developing new business territories in the region.




CPS Releases New Black Series Hard Bond Tooling
Saves Labor Costs for Regions Where Soft Concrete is Prevalent
By Meredith Cordle
November 22, 2016 

Concrete Polishing Solutions, the US leader in surface prep and polishing equipment and tooling, is known for combining premium results with affordability and the company’s newest ad

The addition of the Hard Bond to the Black Series lineup was in response to the needs of CPS customers to get longer life from their metal bonds on soft concrete. The new Hard Bond Line provides contractors with a longer bond life compared to our standard Black Series metal bonds and a more consistent cut on soft concrete, meaning savings both in time and tooling. 

Hard Bond Diamond Tooling for Surface Prep Soft FloorsThe Black Series Hard Bond is a metal bond designed to prep even the softest concrete without wearing  down too quickly, giving customers excellent results and excellent bond life.

Tate Peck, CPS’ technology advisor and trainer, said “These new tools are great for contractors trying to grind on soft concrete. Labor is the biggest cost to contractors and the new Hard Bond Diamond Tools in our Black Series line will help ensure an even grind on soft concrete, saving time and tooling to get the same spectacular result our customers have come to expect from CPS.”

CPS’ Black Series makes surface prep simple, whether dealing with hard or soft concrete. A premium line at an affordable price, the Black Series is the first choice for contractors who want to save time and earn more. Protect your bottom line by selecting the right tools for the job from start to finish with CPS. About Concrete Polishing Solutions Concrete Polishing Solutions is the leader in manufacturing equipment, tooling, chemicals, and training to contractors and distributors in the polished concrete flooring industry. CPS offers a full line of equipment, tooling, and chemicals for all of your polished concrete needs. From start to finish, CPS helps you save time and earn more.

More information on Concrete Polishing Solutions, our distributors, and training can be found at our website http://www.go2cps.com.


Contractors Get Big Advantage with Section 179
Fast Facts on How Buying Now Can Expand 2017 Business 
By Meredith Cordle
November 21, 2016 

Have you ever wished you could buy new equipment to grow your business and also help your bottom line? The Section 179 deduction allows for businesses to deduct the full amount of the purchase price of equipment up to $500,000, as long as the equipment is purchased before the end of December 31, 2016.

Fast Facts:

    •  Section 179 is aimed at general business equipment. If you plan to use the equipment you are leasing, financing, or buying for business purposes in 2017, then it most likely qualifies for a Section 179 deduction.
    • •  Section 179 deductions are simple to handle. Simply buy, lease, or finance your equipment and fill out IRS form 4562.
    •   Section 179 is a “Use- It-Or-Lose-It” write-off that ends on the 31st of December, so it makes sense to utilize the tax savings while you can.
    •   Section179.org offers a calculator where you can estimate your savings on qualifying equipment.
    •   The equipment you write off for Section 179 must be bought in the tax year in which you are claiming the deduction.

Reasons to Buy Now:

    •   Expand your services in 2017 to offer coatings, decorative concrete, and polished concrete by investing in the right equipment to do the job
    •   CPS Grinders, burnishers, autoscrubbers, and Vacs, including electric or propane versions, qualify for this deduction
    •   CPS is offering incentives and special deals during the end of the year, so you can increase your savings even further on equipment.

Taking the Section 179 deduction is a straightforward way to invest in the future of your business while saving a bundle.  Why not take advantage of the opportunity to grow your contracting business with CPS grinding and polishing equipment?  Through December 31st, customers with qualifying equipment purchases through CPS distributors will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card AND a $250 credit towards CPS tooling.

Be sure to talk to your tax advisor to learn more about the tax deduction, or to take advantage of this special offer, contact one of our participating distributors:

Earn More with Section 179 Incentives from CPS


Looming Election Have You Down?
Tips to Shore Up Your Concrete Contracting Business 
By Meredith Cordle
November 3, 2016

The unforeseen impact of political change can be a frightening prospect for business-owners. Evaluating your success is one of the first ways you can prepare for anything, as well as a great way to improve your business during good times. Only you can control the way you do business, and by taking a methodical approach that best utilizes your resources, increases efficiency, and continually focus on improvement, your business will be equipped to sustain any curveballs, political or otherwise.

Know Your Numbers:

Knowing your numbers is key to evaluating your success, according to George Hedley, who compiled a list of numbers construction business owners should be on top of:

•  First, make sure you know your profit numbers. Determine each year how much gross and net profit you want to make by looking at your equity, projected overhead, and by determining the risk you take in operating your business.

•  Knowing key numbers like your equity (the sum of your business’ total assets minus its total liabilities), your overhead, sales numbers, contract numbers, job cost, receivables, liability numbers, and your cash position is one way to track your growth and plan your growth for the future.

•  Review these numbers weekly with your accounting manager and key management. Taking the time to review where your business stands weekly can have a big impact on your profit and the growth of your business.

Empower Your Employees:  

Your greatest asset might be overlooked: your employees.  

Your staff can make or break your business. Evaluate where your employees could use work, whether it’s in training or in communication, and arm them with the knowledge they need to excel. There are many opportunities for free education in the polished concrete and surface prep industry:

 Keep your staff current on industry trends, tips, and techniques by encouraging them to read content from For Contruction Pros, Concrete Decor, and other sources.

•  If your bids for a project are too low and your costs are too high, invest in education for yourself on project estimation, like Pricing Polished Concrete For Profit offered by Concrete Polishing Solutions.

•  Train your crew on equipment maintenance; next time something fails, you won’t have to ship it off to have it fixed, saving you hundreds in time and maintenance costs.  

 Learn to use the right surface prep and polished concrete tools for your projects to reduce labor costs and quality issues.

A well-trained crew can address issues on the spot, leaving you free to work on furthering your business.

Target Your Marketing:

Marketing is another place where businesses can shore themselves up against hardship during tough times and is worth a solid investment during booming times. Who is most likely to buy from you? What motivates them to buy?

 If you can answer those questions, you can focus your marketing toward efforts that will produce the most revenue for the least investment.  Other ideas to try:
•  Generate buzz by pitching a great case study to your local newspaper
•  Utilize the power of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to grow your fan base
•  Make sure your website is optimized for regional traffic by learning more about search engine optimization in general and find contractor specific marketing tips at the Construction Marketing Association blog
Whether you have a full marketing department or not, investing time in discovering who is buying from you, as well as the why behind their purchase can help you plan your marketing strategy most effectively.

Focus on Improvement:

People, no matter the economy, are looking for a way to save money. They want the best quality they can find for the lowest price.

Focusing on the life cycle and reduced maintenance of polished concrete is one way to ensure that customers know they are getting great quality and wear for a fair price. In polished concrete, it’s not just other polishers you have to contend with – it’s also alternative flooring materials. Knowing your competition on both sides is key to achieving sustained success, no matter the economic climate.

Tailor your sales pitch to compare polished concrete to whatever other flooring materials your client was considering. Be sure you fully understand why polished concrete is advantageous.

Follow Up:

Follow up with your leads and make sure that you and your employees are effective at qualifying and sustaining the relationship with that lead, so that your time and advertising dollars are not wasted.

You might be surprised to know that 80% of sales require five follow-ups and 35 to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first [Source: Marketing Donut]
Make sure your leads are managed efficiently and train your employees in persistence; you will see an increase in conversions. Studies show that it takes, on average, four answers of “no” from a lead before a sale is made. Make sure to continue to reach out to your leads and build rapport and you will increase your revenue.

Prepare your business for the future, no matter the economic climate, with straightforward strategy. Invest in training and stay ahead of the game and your business will thrive no matter who is elected! 

Learn from Concrete Polishing Solutions

Helping You Comply with Silica Regulations

By Stacy Holley
August 18, 2016

concrete dust


Identifying that small, breathable particles of silica can be potentially hazardous, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reduced the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air, averaged over an 8-hour shift. This rule takes effect on September 23, 2017, after which industries have one to five years to comply with the majority of requirements.
The construction industry must comply by Septmber 23, 2017.


  • Industrial Vacuums with HEPA Filters

The CPS ProCAT 5 and CAT 5 vacuums have two high-efficiency primary cartridge filters that are rated 99.9% efficient for particle sizes as small as 0.5 microns. The two cartridges have nominally 40 square feet (3.8 sq. meters) of surface area to handle the most difficult industrial environments. Debris is collected in a continuous bagging system that allows the operator to control the bag size and weight and provide convenient dust-free disposal. A secondary HEPA filter assembly is also a standard feature on these vacs to capture 99.97% of dust down to 0.3 micron particle size.

  • Use a Wet Grinding Method

The wet process uses water to cool the diamond abrasives and eliminate grinding dust. For your convenience, all CPS machines are designed with water feed systems to be used for the wet method of dust control, and the CPS Aqua Resins provide a three-step grinding & polishing system that is easily completed with a burnish step and creates consistent gloss readings in the mid to high 40s.



Aqua Resins


For additional training and safety information on these products and more, attend a CPS Training Session at a preferred distributor near you.