CPS History

Company History

History is defined as, “the whole series of past events connected with someone or something”. The history of Concrete Polishing Solutions (CPS) is no different. Being third generation natural stone artisans, our family has progressed from marble and terrazzo to the polished concrete industry.

I, along with my two brothers, Daniel and Brad were substantially involved in the development of the high polish process that is now known as Polished Concrete. Noticing that concrete had similar attributes to the natural stone and terrazzo that we were already working with, we were able to apply this process to concrete and achieve similar results. By knowing what diamond abrasives and the proper machinery would do to the natural stone, we proceeded to move forward to concrete. We took something plain (unfinished concrete) and made it extraordinary. The results were exciting and showed great promise to expand the diamond polishing process beyond the Natural Stone industry and into the concrete flooring industry as a whole. 

Daniel, Brad and I used this new floor system on many square feet of concrete floors over the next several years and pushed polished concrete into a full time installation service company. With many floors under our belts, we felt the need to have accurate tooling, machinery, and chemicals to make the floors not only shine, but to withstand ongoing environmental conditions that may damage them.

Research and development for this new floor system began in 1995. Using our own polished concrete and natural stone restoration company to fine tune each new piece of the puzzle, our trial and error period was in full swing. We felt that we needed to go a step further. Working with a local natural stone material supplier, we high-polished several 4 foot by 4 foot concrete samples and took them to the World of Concrete show in 1998.  That was the first time polished concrete had been presented as a floor system to the industry at large and the response was amazing.  From that first showing and every year thereafter polished concrete has been growing in popularity and in industry expectance.

Over the next few years, seeing the impact that polished concrete was making on the flooring industry, led us to take this a step farther. It was during those first years that we were able to design and produce machinery and tooling to make the polishing jobs quicker and more profitable. Working with different industry professionals, we were able to develop the complete process from start to finish, including the chemicals used to make the floor more stain resistant and to hold the shine.

Once we felt that the product line was all in order and confident that the process was distributable, it was time to offer it to the new young polished concrete industry. Debuting this revolutionary new floor grinding and polishing option with low maintenance, high shine, and low carbon footprint was amazing. The contractors were very interested in this new process and wanted to learn how to do it themselves.  To help facilitate the needs of the contractors as well as to offer the Spec writers and end users the convenience of an open spec for polished concrete and a group of trained contractors that could install to the spec. We decided to offer training to get “Polished Concrete” out into the market. That training was offered through a new company called the International Polished Concrete Institute (IPCI).  Having trained many contractors starting their own businesses, and promoting the IPCI spec in the architectural community we made the investment to open CPS to the market.

Since we knew how to do it, and why the process worked, and what materials would be needed for the contractors to get expert results every time, we developed tooling and chemicals that were more efficient and cost effective and offered them through CPS to the contractors. Having the knowledge to develop and implement all the tooling, chemicals and equipment from start to finish was a great advantage to our polished concrete contractors and thus CPS was an instant success.

It was late 2004, when I decided to make the investment to open CPS. We wanted to be able to offer equipment, tooling, and chemical in one stop with the added benefit of knowledge, training and support that was unrivaled. Concrete Polishing Solutions has become that one-stop shop. Our company introduced heavy duty and high quality three-head planetary grinders, HEPA Filtration Vacuums, in both Propane powered and electric, tooling to produce high quality floors, and the chemicals to harden and seal the floor. It has been received with great success.

Pushing forward through the difficulties that contractors faced, we continue to offer superior customer service and continue forward advancement with chemicals and tooling improvements. Contractors need high quality machinery, effective tooling, and the correct chemicals to finish a floor coupled with the knowledge and support to bring a profit.

Still today we promote and support our customers using the vast amount of on the job experience gained from years of installation. The knowledge gained from the large scale contracting and the interactions with real world project challenges before CPS was formed, gives the CPS team a unique understanding and thus a distinct advantage to provide our contractors with THE SOLUTION to their onsite challenges instead of experimenting on them with unproven products.

The knowledge gained has served us well, as the passion for this industry is put into every product designed and manufactured here at CPS and the quality and success rate of our products continue to prove this over and over again.

Thank you for considering our company to be your top supplier in Concrete Polishing supplies. If you have any questions, we are always here to answer them. 24/7.



David Padgett

President and CEO

Concrete Polishing Solutions