About CPS



To build and maintain lifelong relationships with our clients through our commitment and dedication to provide superior support 24/7, through our knowledge of the craft of polished concrete, the quality of products we provide and cost saving solutions learned from years of experience.


We can help you do this

  • The CPS line of Polished Concrete Chemicals will produce superior results along with dramatic savings.
  • “CPS Manufacturers top-of-the-line electric and propane grinders from floor preparation to polished concrete floors, CPS is the answer!!”
  • CPS Propane Grinding Equipment and tooling is designed to out perform the competition; from surface preparation to concrete polishing.
  • The CPS line of Diamond Technology
  • CPS is the industry leader in Propane Grinders and vacuums. With over 6 years of experience in Propane, our experience matters!!
  • Surface Preparation Diamonds and polished concrete diamonds will achieve results like this!!!
  • We Manufacture, Sell, Service and Guarantee our Grinding Equipment
  • Resin Bond Diamonds off the highest possible shine.
  • Whether you are removing tough coatings or preparing a floor, CPS Metal Bond Diamonds will get the job done.
  • CPS Resin Bond Diamonds are known to be the best combination of performance and affordability.
  • With partners like Ameripolish, Prosoco, Metzger McGuire and others, CPS is your one stop shop for all your polished concrete needs.

CPS Knowledge

Our years of experience developing new equipment, testing new products & techniques and training concrete polishing professionals makes CPS truly unique in the profession. Contact us to learn how our experience and knowledge can help your business be more successful.

CPS Training

On-site or in the classroom, CPS has trained thousands of concrete polishing professionals on the techniques and nuances of the profession. Contact us to learn how our staff of professionals can help your business grow and be more profitable.
  • Propane Grinders and Propane Grinding Equipment provide more torque than electric, run longer and improve productivity due to reduced set-up time.
  • Using CPS Polished Concrete Equipment and Concrete grinding equipment your projects will look amazing and be more profitable.
  • CPS Concrete Grinding Tools and quick-change plates to Resin Bond Diamonds and Metal Bonds. CPS has a solution for your job!
  • Propane Concrete Grinders and Propane Concrete Polishers are the top selling items in the Concrete Polishing Industry. Call us for a demonstration and find out why!
  • CPS Diamond Tooling is uniquely designed to last longer and get the job done faster!
  • Metal Bond Diamonds offer the most consistent performance from each tool.
  • CPS Propane Grinding Equipment offers a lighter weight frame and narrow profile for easier operation in tight spaces.
  • CPS Resign Bond Diamonds are designed for versatility for the best sheen and reduced swirl marks.
  • Concrete Grinding Tools from Angle Grinders and Edger Grinders to Planetary Grinders. We can handle any sized job!!
  • Nothing polishes concrete like CPS SpinFlex Diamond Polishing pads!
  • CPS Concrete Dyes cover the color spectrum and provide unique design opportunities.

  • Battery Powered Burnishers are quick, quiet and effective.
  • High Speed Burnishers, offered in walk-behind or Ride-on, offer powerful and maneuverable solutions for your projects.
  • Propane Burnishers create powerful and dependable solutions!
  • CPS Auto Scrubber provides industry leading consistency for large floors
  • CPS Propane Scrubbers are the ideal solution where more power and longer run-times are necessary!

CPS Support

Our commitment to making life-long relationships with our customers is more than just a mission statement …it is our way of doing business. Training, demonstrations, 24/7 customer service, personal support and follow up are a way of life at CPS.