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The Xact Polished Concrete Floor System is the first flooring system designed to help you control and calculate your exact costs so you save time and earn more with successful, profitable bids and a scope of work that product the exact high-quality result everytime.

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About the XACT Polished Concrete Floor System

The XACT Polished Concrete Floor System specifies advanced tooling and concrete chemicals that are the fastest on the market to cost-effectively provide an enduring stain and abrasion resistant polished concrete floor. Unlike other flooring systems, the XACT Floor has a bidding calculator for contractors to help you assess your exact tooling and labor expenses. By controlling those costs, contractors can focus on profitably and bid successfully.

XACT Costs

The XACT Polished Concrete Floor Calculator allows contractors to estimate the exact material and labor costs of a job so bids are more accurate and more profitable.


The scope of work specified in the XACT Polished Concrete Floor System is proven to result in a durable, stain-resistant polished concrete surface with the exact depth of shine desired.

The XACT Warranty

The XACT Polished Concrete Floor System is backed by a five (5) year warranty to guarantee the surface will remain hardened, dust-proof, and water repellant.


The XACT Calculator App

Coming SOON! Sign up today for the XACT Floor Polished Concrete Bid Calculator App and we'll notify you first when it is ready!

Know Your Costs

Calculate the exact cost of materials, supplies, and even labor using the XACT Polished Concrete Floor Bid Calculator.

Bid Successfully

By calculating the exact costs and time estimated on the job, the XACT Floor Bid Calculator help contractors to anticipate the exact scope of work and bid successfully.